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Casino Plus | PAGCOR Online Casino - Play and Win Big! Casino Plus | PAGCOR Online Casino - Play and Win Big!
Play Color Game on Casino Plus! Play Color Game on Casino Plus!
Color Game Grand Jackpot - up to ₱50,000,000! Color Game Grand Jackpot - up to ₱50,000,000!

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24 operator ng e-sabong, huli sa raid
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A Quick Guide to Casino Plus (10 Best Casinos Philippines)

A Quick Guide to Casino Plus
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Casino Plus is an e-gaming partner in GLife that specializes in live games like Baccarat and Roulette, with also slot machines and sports betting.
We can see more and more e-gaming partners coming into GLife. And due to the accessibility of GCash, we can also see more users enjoying not just financial services, but also games of chance within the platform. What is Casino Plus? Casino Plus is another e-gaming merchant in GLife. It’s based on Hotel Stotsenberg, a casino/hotel in Clark, Pampanga. They’ve opened a casino online and they have integrated with GCash in GLife, as well as in online payment and withdrawals. They are PAGCOR certified just like other e-gaming partners in GLife like BingoPlus, ArenaPlus, and InPlay.
What games can I play in Casino Plus? You will be able to see some casino games like slot machines, but their main draw is casino table games like Baccarat and Roulette as these are games with live dealers.
You can also play sports betting games as they are available. I suggest though that if you like to do sports betting, you better go for ArenaPlus instead as they generally have a better look and feel as they specialize in sports betting.
How do I play Baccarat? Playing Baccarat is similar to sabong as you typically must choose between the Player, the Banker, or both (via a tie) to win. The objective of the game is to have a hand closest to 9. Card values are also the same as face value, except for 10, J, Q, and K as those are equivalent to 0. Aces are equal to 1.
The dealer deals two cards for the Player and the Banker face up. You need to add the value of the cards to get the final value. For any value greater than 10, you need to drop the first digit (ex. 8 and 4 = 12, you drop the 1 and the final value is 2). When any side gets a 9 that’s a natural win. If the Player side gets 6 or 7 total, then he stands — meaning no card is dealt. Otherwise, he draws another card. When the Player draws a card, then the Banker also draws depending if he is down or not. Don’t worry about this too much during play, as the dealer takes care of these for you.
Wagering is done before dealing, which is mainly a game of chance. Typically payouts for both Player and Banker are 1:1, meaning if you win, you double your money. For some tables with bigger wagers, Banker has a 0.95:1 payout as Bankers tend to win more in the long run. For ties, the payout is 8:1.
There are also side bets like Pairs (meaning either Player or Banker gets a pair) or Super 6 (meaning Banker gets a total of 6) and these come with corresponding higher payouts. Pairs typically have 11:1 and Super 6 has 12:1 odds.
How do I play Roulette? Playing roulette is also simple, as you only need to bet on outcomes. Also, there are different sets of bets you can do, so give you a lot of options on what to bet per round. You need to put your wager first before the dealer throws the ball into the roulette.
The roulette mat has numbered sets of numbers from 0-36, with each number alternating black and red. It can also be separated into sets of 12, with 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. You will also see a betting area for odd vs even, red vs black, 1-18, and 19-36. European roulette only has a single 0, while American roulette also has a 00.
You can choose to bet in different ways, with corresponding payouts:
Inside Bets Straight: Bet on a single number to win (35:1) Split: Bet on two adjacent numbers to win (17:1) Street: Bet on three numbers in a row (11:1) Corner: Bet on four numbers adjacent to each other (8:1) Six Numbers: Bet on two rows of three numbers (5:1) Outside Bets Column: Bet on a column of 12 numbers labeled “2:1” (2:1) Dozen: Bet on either “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, “3rd 12” (2:1) Red or Black: Bet on the color of the number (1:1) Even or Odd: Bet on either odd or even (1:1) 1-18 or 19-36: Bet on the first half or the second half of all the numbers (1:1)
How do I register for Casino Plus? You can either register in GLife or on their website. I recommend you go through GLife as you won’t even encounter any registration process, you only need to opt-in to share your details as Casino Plus gets the information you’ve submitted when doing verification in GCash.
You need to be Fully Verified in GCash and you need to be at least 21 years old to play. Please note that any accounts created in GLife are strictly limited to access from within GCash only. You won’t be able to register from the website and then use that account to log into GLife.
Creating a Casino Plus account in GLife
From the GCash main page, click on the GLife button. From the GLife page, you can either search for Casino Plus directly or click on the Play Games button and then click on Casino Plus. Accept the opt-in page and you will be able to see the Casino Plus main screen. How do I deposit funds into Casino Plus? You first need to have funds in your GCash wallet. There are multiple ways to do cash-in if you need to do so. Take note that the deposit limits are governed by your outgoing wallet limits.
Depositing Funds in Casino Plus
On the Casino Plus main page, click on Deposit. From the deposit pop-up, enter the amount or tap any preset amount and click Confirm. The GCash payment page will show up. Confirm the deposit amount. Once the Payment Successful page is shown, click on Done to go back to the main page, with the deposit reflected in the Current Balance.

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